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Welcome to the SAC labPortal


SAC labPortal is a secure laboratory data publishing website specifically designed to allow SAC to upload clients' results as they are approved, along with PDF copies of reports.

  • Results can be downloaded from the database as Excel spreadsheets
  • Reports can be downloaded as PDFs
  • Samples can be seen on the Results page with a status of 'New' when they are registered with SAC


News and Features

Submission of live animals for post mortem examination
Please go into the Documents tab in LabPortal to click on the link to this document.  
Labportal Archiving Documents
FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL LABPORTAL USERS The amount of information being published onto Labportal is increasing and ultimately may affect its performance. Therefore, regrettably, we will have to limit the time data remains stored on LabPortal tor a maximum of 1 year from the date of receipt. Please download from LabPortal information you wish to keep before it is removed.  


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